Suzy Goza

“Every painting must tell a story.  Our lives don’t follow plots like a novel, the whole sum of life is just a series of small stories that compel us to often retell them in a new way.  Like taking a familiar song and singing it in a new key or inventing a new lyric.  So it is with painting. 

There must be a story that makes the painting worthwhile, some mini-saga that moves me to retell it to the viewer and maybe together we can find understanding.  Maybe that’s really why we sing or paint or do anything creatively.  We are just looking for a tiny epiphany that we missed the first time around so we go back and we repaint that sunset over a gas station or a cloud over a lonely highway and we reflect on where we’ve been and hope we are finding the right path.  With art we get to share that moment of catharsis with others.”

Suzy Goza is one of the resident artists at Art Ruidoso Gallery.
See more of Suzy's art at the gallery web site:
or come by the gallery,

127 Rio Street
Ruidoso, New Mexico


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